Magnetic POPUP Portable Backdrop

One of the most sturdy POP in the series. Virtually a Work horse. It’s a very versatile system for Graphic Display. Can be used for product displays too.

It consists of Aluminum  Sections that make a very compact stand, which on deployment becomes 90" high and 90" wide or larger depending on nos. of sections added

Available in Straight or Curved configurations. Curved display deploy as a mild curve and give added impact. No hangers , complete magnetic system.

Standard size is 3x3 or 3x4 but other special sizes up to 3x7 can also be provided on demand.

Also available 4x3,4x4 or even 5x2,5x3 or 5x4 curved only. Any size that you are looking for. Viz. 10’x10’, or even 12.5’ high highest possible only made by US

Three carry options viz. Deluxe wheeled case( Podium), Air trolley case, or a shoulder bag.

Another important addition is curved end caps which make these units look very solid and create chic impact  by attracting attention to itself.

USP of the POPUPs we sell is that same system can be changes in a jiffy from straight to curved or vice versa ( new set of some of fittings and graphics required)

3*3 will extend to 257cm and depth 67 cm  3*4 will extend to 327 cm and depth 67 cm

3x3 Straight MAGNETIC POPUP weight in Air Trolley App 28 Kgs. & in Podium Trolley 35 Kgs. May be charged on Volumetric Basis.

Curved Popup Weight will be slightly less than this.

Straight Magnetic Popup Frame without GraphicsCurved Magnetic POP UP open Frame without graphicsPodium Trolley for Deluxe Magnetic Popup

Straight Popup 3x3 / 10ft

Curved 3 mts popup showing  concave curve

1) Straight and curved

2) Stand size: 3x3 and 3x4 and bigger

Inner packing:

Trolley case (soft case) or Deluxe case

2 lights 6-7 Prints all fittings Top also  has

Magnet in place of Graphic hangers.



Outer packing:

Carton dimensions: 94 x 46 x 46cm

1 set/carton

Unit weight In Podium Trolley: App. 27kg Without Prints

With Prints Wt. 42 Kgs. CVM 50+ Kg.